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ToleD'oh: Rocket Men, Burning Up The Fuse Up There Alone

Don't worry. Toledo's appeal to have the result of Saturday's game vacated or even reversed with not happen. There's way too much precedent out of there of even more egregious errors with even less time on the clock that stood in spite of the evidence to the contrary. It's about making a point and even Syracuse fans can understand that. Put the kick on the other foot and we'd be doing the same thing.

That said, Big East Coast Bias had to go and scare the pants off of us by suggesting John Marinnato and the Big East could channel their disdain for us over the ACC move into forcing us to vacate the win. I really, really don't think that would happen...but if it did? We march on Big East Headquarters...

There's also a lot of folks who feel the simple fact that the Big East publicly acknowledged the erroneous call was itself a shot at the Orange, making us look bad in victory. Often times, even when refs make bad calls and admit it afterward, that news is not shared publicly.

As for my final thought on the matter? I defer to the guy who kicked it, Ross Krautman. Here's what Das Boot had to say after the game.

"It definitely went through."

Good enough for me.