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Syracuse Daily Links - Fisher Boy Becomes Fisher Man

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Syracuse University football punter Jonathan Fisher delivered when called on in relief |
"My adrenalin was flowing pretty well," he said, "so I really didn’t hear the fans as much. I barely heard Adam (Harris) when he gave us the count for the snap, but my eyes were on the ball the whole time. I was hyped when I went out there, and I knew I was going to be able to hit a good kick."

Taking Sides on Syracuse's Big East Exit -
"I just can’t imagine Syracuse not having teams like UConn, Georgetown, St. John’s and Villanova on their schedule. I’ve gotten over a hundred text messages from friends who are true Syracuse people, and they’re not happy about this either."

Former Boston College coaches: Syracuse, Pitt should expect some hostility in Big East |
"They made sure we didn’t win a game in the Big East," said Tom O’Brien, who was Boston College’s football coach at the time of BC’s departure from the Big East. O’Brien is now the head coach at North Carolina State. "It was everybody against Boston College in the Big East."

Syracuse appears ready for Toledo -
USC? Forget about it. "We can't dwell on it," Syracuse cornerback Kevyn Scott said of last Saturday night's 38-17 loss to the Trojans. "We dwell on that game and Toledo is going to really hit us in the face."

Ohio State, UNLV among teams with most lackluster schedules - Andy Glockner -
Syracuse - It's hard to get that mad at the Orange. They're actually playing a true road game at NC State and it's not their fault the preseason NIT field is horrible. That said, they usually bring in a better set of mid-majors for their annual nonconference homestand. Just eyeballing the slate, there's only one team (Marshall) that should remotely threaten this Orange team in the Dome.

Bag O’ Tweets, Sept. 23 Jim Young
Some ACC fans thought Boeheim committed blashemy. Others thought that ….umm, he was actually right. But pretty much everybody had some sort of reaction to it. Which in my business is gold, Jerry, gold!

Did You Know: Big East - Big East Blog - ESPN
Syracuse has a winning record despite being outscored by a combined 81-74 margin this year and being outgained by an average 391-328 margin.

ACC addition of Pitt, Syracuse shows FSU is miscast in basketball league -
That massive clicking sound you will hear soon is TV viewers across the country switching from the ACC Game of the Week between Syracuse and North Carolina State to a rerun of a PBS documentary on "The Plight of the Ring-billed Sandpiper."

Poliquin: Steve Gregory, the former Syracuse DB, has settled in nicely with the Chargers in San Diego |
The best quarterback in the league? Gregory insists it is San Diego’s Philip Rivers. The best receiver in the league? Gregory swears it is San Diego’s Antonio Gates. The best crowd in the league? Gregory vows it is the one that roars inside San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium.

I got all dressed up, put on my fancy headset and stopped by The Pulse Network to talk about Syracuse's move to the ACC: