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Syracuse vs. Toledo: Revenge Of The Nooner

<a href="" target="new">Mike Borkowski's latest features Otto springing into action to protect the 'Cuse's home turf from Rocky, the Rockets' mascot.</a>
Mike Borkowski's latest features Otto springing into action to protect the 'Cuse's home turf from Rocky, the Rockets' mascot.

According to Doug Marrone, the Syracuse Orange are 1-17 since 2006 in games that start at Noon. That stat came out of nowhere for me, especially considering how many nooners we've played over the last few years.

I have to take coach at his word on that, especially since I'm too lazy to confirm it. All I know it, we better not make it 1-18 when we kick off against the Toledo Rockets at Noon on Saturday.

"We've changed our Friday, Saturday schedule this week because of, since, I believe, 2006 we've been 1-in-17 in noon games, in noon starts. So we're doing a couple different things Friday and Saturday as we prepare for this game, because if we keep doing everything the same, why would we expect anything to change? So hopefully those types of things will help us and we need to perform better when we play at noon."

While the Orange have many games that start later in the day, they still have two more nooners to go. Rutgers on October 1 and at Pittsburgh on December 3.

The defensive secondary will have to do its part to limit big plays from the Rockets while also trying their best not to get injured any more than they already are:

"We’ve helped them," he said. "We double-covered Woods this past week. And if a team is throwing it 75 percent of the time maybe we’ll drop back into coverage more. You want to have a good smart game plan. But remember, when you take something away you’re giving something else up, so you’ve got to be careful. You go with the plan, stick with the plan and things will work out.

At the end of the day, if Ryan Nassib wants to lead us to victory, we're beginning to have all the faith that he can.

"When he goes back there, he knows exactly what he's got to do," Hackett said. "He understands his drop, he understands where his No. 1 is, he understands where his No. 2 is — and that really helps him. Last year, it was a new system and his third system he's ever had."

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