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ACC Expansion: The UConn-Notre Dame-ACC Venn Diagram Ain't Happening

Remember when I used to start these articles with "Big East Expansion?" Memories...

So I think it goes without saying that UConn wants out of the Big East and wants in to the ACC. Regardless of what John Marinatto says, UConn clearly is not committed to the conference's future. Whether it's with our without Rutgers or West Virginia or whoever, they want out.

Well what if Notre Dame comes with them? That's what one Connecticut station is claiming:

A source close to the ACC told Kevin Nathan that the ACC wants UConn and Notre Dame and likely won't make a move on the Huskies until the Irish commit either way.

Now, we know better than to take local reports too seriously. That said, I think the chances of this happening are between slim and the likelihood Notre Dame football will win a national title within the next five years.

Notre Dame ain't coming, so stop trying.

Meanwhile, Tough Guy Marinatto's only play left if to try and force Syracuse and Pitt to stay in the Big East for the contractually-obligated 27 months as some kind of penance for their indiscretions. Unlike the commish, even some of the Big East schools are like, "Uh, that's retahded."

Now that the Panthers and Orange have pledged their futures to the Atlantic Coast Conference, some Big East members would like to see them gone as soon as possible, a source close to the conference told Sporting News.

There is a feeling in the basketball programs at some member schools that the eventual departure of Pitt and Syracuse will provide some breathing room, that the league had become too great for its own good.

John Marinatto never made a bad idea he didn't like and stick with for way too long. So don't think that fight's ending anytime soon.