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Syracuse Daily Links - SU Raising Awareness For MD, The Environment

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Syracuse University Athletics - SU To Participate In Coach To Cure MD
During Syracuse's game against Toledo this Saturday (12:00 p.m., BIG EAST Network), the SU coaching staff will be wearing Coach to Cure MD patches on their shirts to raise awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystophy research.

Syracuse University Athletics - Orange Fans Invited To Go Green Saturday
All Syracuse University fans are invited to join Syracuse University in the ‘Waste Wise Game Day Challenge’ this Saturday, September 24, when the Orange hosts Toledo in the Carrier Dome. Every Syracuse fan, Carrier Dome and University staff working the event have an opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment and the University’s outcome in the challenge.

Episode 18 ..::.. Much To The Chagrin " The Sauce
Syracuse to the ACC, much to the chagrin of Tony Sometimes and the Cincinnati Bearcats. A rational discussion of the dramatic change of athletic life for the Syracuse Orange and all their fans and alumni in the northeast.

MBB | Fitting the mold: SU commit Grant matches prototype of an Orange forward - Sports - The Daily Orange
"When I walked in it was just huge, it was crazy," Grant said. "I could picture everybody in there watching the games, things like that. All the fans, I could picture them cheering, and it was something that I wanted to be a part of."

Is it time for non-FBS schools in the Big East to unite? -- college basketball - ESPN
"Yes, there's no question it can," said former Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese. "If you have schools playing basketball at a high level, you can have success. Can you make money? Yes. Can you be competitive? Absolutely. Can you have as much success as the current Big East? Maybe not, but I'm not sure any league will ever match that success. But you can be successful and be happy."

ACC, Syracuse, James Washington: ACC move may help Syracuse commit James Washington with his decision -
According to Washington, one perk of Syracuse moving to the ACC is that it would afford his parents the opportunity to watch him play once a year if he did go to New York. Miami and Florida State are both in the ACC and Syracuse would likely play at either school once a year. "My mom would like that," Washington said. "(My parents) tell me to make my own decisions, but they would like to see me play a lot.

Orange All-Access' Brian Higgins with his thoughts on Syracuse to the ACC - College Crosse
"I'm not sure things really change a whole ton nationally. Syracuse, Virginia, Duke, North Carolina and Maryland all expect to and generally do make the NCAA tournament every year, and that should not change going forward. Syracuse played Virginia and Duke in the regular season last year, Maryland in the playoffs and used to regularly play North Carolina so the matchups are all familiar to lacrosse fans."

Syracuse University Athletics - SU Greats To Compete For Bowhunter Cup
Seven former Syracuse lacrosse stars will take the field for Team USA when it squares off against the Iroquois Nationals in the second-annual Bowhunter Cup on Sunday, Oct. 16 at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino. Dan Hardy, Joel White, John Galloway, Tom Guadagnolo, Jovan Miller, Steve Panarelli are all on the active roster.

Three Idiots on Sports: What John Marinatto Doesn't Get
In the history of misguided statements, this one has to be in the top 10, because it ABSOLUTELY IS about him. In fact, it's ALL about him.

ESPN's Quint Kessenich:"Unless you've been living under a rock, it wasn't surprising at all" - College Crosse
"SU's [Syracuse] move also could be a big blow for Georgetown, Notre Dame and 'Nova [Villanova] if the Orange drop them from their schedule."

Syracuse fans react to Syracuse's move to the ACC. I like the guy with the beard.