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If This Is About Loyalty, Every Big East School Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

Every time I tell myself I'm moving on from the Big East/ACC discussion, John Marinatto pulls me back in.

"I don’t know if there’s a price you can put on for breaking your word and lying," Marinatto said. "That’s priceless. I don’t know high enough of a figure to charge for being disloyal or untruthful."

Okay, fine. Let's forget this is the real world for a second and agree that this is about loyalty. In that case, Syracuse and Pitt leaving the Big East for the ACC is a disloyal and hurtful move.

And if that's the case, every single school in the Big East is equally disloyal and terrible. Because...

  • Cincinnati was disloyal to Conference USA, whom they were a member of before disloyally joining the Big East.
  • Connecticut was disloyal to the Atlantic 10 conference and Yankee Conference, both of whom they were members of previously.
  • DePaul was disloyal to Conference USA, whom they cast aside hurtfully to join the Big East.
  • Georgetown bailed on the long-standing ECAC to become a founding member of some start-up called the Big East. Where's the loyalty in that?
  • Louisville should be ashamed for the way they left Conference USA to join the Big East.
  • Marquette was as disloyal as they come, leaving Conference USA for the Big East.
  • Notre Dame is as disloyal as anyone. They play Big East sports except football, the one that could have cemented the conference in stone.
  • Providence is where all of the Big East Commissioners have come from, the same people who were responsible for booting Temple out of the Big East. Disloyal, much?
  • Rutgers was a part of the ECAC who made the disloyal move to leave it and join the Big East.
  • Seton Hall was a member of the New Jersey-New York 7 Conference, which they were disloyal to in joining the Big East.
  • South Florida is an awful university for the way they treated Conference USA, leaving it behind for the Big East.
  • St. John's was a member of something called the New Jersey-New York 7 Conference. They were so disloyal, it ceased to exist afterward.
  • Villanova is another school that duped the ECAC into thinking they were loyal. Not so much.
  • West Virginia was completely disloyal to the Southern Conference, casting them aside.
  • If it weren't for disloyalty, the Big East never would have existed in the first place. Shut up, John.