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Jim Boeheim Scorched Earth Media Tour Claims Notre Dame, Marinatto As Victims

I don't care if you like Syracuse, hate Syracuse, don't care about Syracuse or think Syracuse is in Canada. The best part of this week's ACC Announcement has been the early arrival of Bitter Jim Boeheim, who emerged from hibernation only to see his shadow and begin complaining about it.

Boeheim made a lot of stops yesterday but his complaints remained constant. Things that are really stuck in Jimmy's craw include...

Notre Dame:

With the state the Big East has been in and the fact that certain schools and Notre Dame’s one of them that voted down the football contract, we’d probably be in the Big East right now if it wasn’t for that. But now they’re crying about us leaving. They shouldn’t have even voted on the football contract because they’re not even in it...If they really wanted to keep the Big East together they would have come in in football, then we wouldn’t be talking about this."

John Marinatto, who said he will force SU and Pitt to stay in the Big East for 27 months:

"I think that speaks to the problem in our league...That’s foolish. He should be thinking about how he can save the Big East, not keep Syracuse and Pitt hostage. The best way to save the Big East is to get out and get a couple teams to come in. Because we’re gone. He needs to concentrate on getting somebody to replace us.’’

"That’s the problem with the Big East right now....Dave Gavitt and Mike Tranghese are not running the Big East right now. That comment. He should be working on strengthening the Big East. What if two or three other teams leave this week? Then what is he going to do? I think if that happens he should either get the non-football schools in a league or else he’s got to get five or six football schools in a hurry."

On whether or not he's going to retire sooner because of the move?

"Jim Boeheim is going nowhere fast."


It has not one-tenth of 1,000th of a percent on my interest in coaching.’’

Mike Tranghese:

"The Big East added teams, raided other conferences, when he was the commissioner. I have great respect for him, but we raided Conference-USA to get teams when we needed to. This has been going on for 100 years. We raided the Atlantic 10 to get West Virginia and Villanova, right? I don’t see that the Big East can sit back and say we’ve never done anything like this. So, I think that’s a little bit.

On his Greenboro comments:

"Greensboro’s mad at me because I said I’d rather go to New York City for a week. Why would they be mad at me? Are they that parocial. I didn’t say Greensboro wasn’t a nice place. It’s a very nice place. But if I had a choice for a week where I would go and ask somebody in North Carolina where they rather go for a week – Greensboro or New York City? I’ve got nothing against Greensboro as a city.’’