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Can Syracuse Fans Keep Drinking Beer In The Carrier Dome Or What?

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Update: Fine, fine work by John Willey, who received the following update from Senior Associate AD Managing Director Pete Sala. - The NCAA does allow alcohol sales in campus stadiums and arenas. Issue arises during tourney when sales are prohibited. i.e. WE CAN KEEP PAYING $8 FOR WATERED-DOWN DOME BEER! HOORAY!!!

Original: There have been many pressing concerns from Syracuse Orange fans ever since we found out we were going to the ACC.

Will we keep playing Georgetown and St. John's in basketball?

Will we keep trying to play games in New York City?

Will Jim Boeheim still be our basketball coach when we get there?

But no question has been more pressing, made us more antsy and fill us with more dread than...can we still consume alcohol in the Carrier Dome?

See, the ACC is what you would call a "dry conference." The conference will not allow any of their member schools to sell alcohol in general concession areas inside stadiums. There's also a little something called Blue Laws that cuts down on the beer sales on Sundays in some places.

That said, as best I can tell, if you want to fin a loophole in that policy, you can.

Miami sells alcohol for football games at whatever poorly-named stadium they play in these days.

The Seminoles play basketball in an off-campus arena owned by the city and therefore are not within the alcohol guidelines.

Maryland recently began selling alcohol at Byrd Stadium, albeit only in luxury suites (rich people know how to hold their liquor better than poor people, I guess).

Pitt also sells booze at their football and basketball games and I imagine they're in no rush to change that.

I've heard from some people who say the Carrier Dome has some weird loophole that makes it considered an off-campus arena (I know, I know, just shut up and keep walking). Even if not, I'm willing to bet that DOCTOR Daryl Gross isn't going to just give up on $8 beer and wine without a fight.

Alcohol sales in the luxury boxes and Club 44 are a given. My guess is, SU will find a loophole and make sure that beer continues to flow at the Dome in the ACC just as it has the entire time we were in the Big East.