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Syracuse Defeats Wake Forest: Doug Marrone Presser & Quotes


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Doug Marrone's post-game presser from the Syracuse Orange victory over the Wake Forest Demon Deacons is chock-a-block with quality, but first...




No tremendous, no standpoint and no "nice job." We're in new territory.

Here's Marrone on what it was like when he went into the locker room at halftime.

"I’m not a guy who gets into panic mode, but I felt good. Once you know what they’re doing, then it’s a matter of being on the sidelines, schooling up the players, understanding what’s happening. I think you can ask any of the offensive players, after the first series we came over and said, ‘We know they’re going to pressure.’ So we started making adjustments, and then we just needed to make plays, and we were able to make them at the end of the game."

He left out the part about sacrificing a freshman walk-on to make an example. Pretty sure it was Edsall's kid.

Antwon Bailey talks about what happened after he fumbled...

"It felt great, honestly. I felt like I kind of let my team down with the fumble, but I have great coaches. And the biggest thing in football is to have a short memory and that is what I was able to do. Due to the fact that the players around me and coaches around me, they still believed in me. As you can tell, as soon as I fumbled, the next series, they gave me the ball right back. So the coaches having the confidence in me made me raise my game to another level."

Chandler Jones on how the offense's comeback inspired the defense:

"Just one word: Believe. We believe in this offense, we’ve been with them this whole off-season and we know what they are capable of doing. We knew if we gave them enough time, they would do it. And they came out on top and they did a great job. Big shout outs to Ryan Nassib, Van Chew, and Alec Lemon, those guys stepped up when we needed them so congratulations to those guys."

Ryan Nassib on the difference between this year's team and the one that lost the home opener two years ago:

"It was in the back of my mind today. But I think the team that we have now is a tougher team. Not to discredit the guys over there because I was on that team and I love every single one of those guys but the team this year is special. The brotherhood we have with each other, we’ve been through so much since Coach Marrone has gotten here. Just the resilience that we had and the character that we have, I couldn’t be more proud of our team."

Van Chew on his game-winning TD catch:

"Yes, I caught it. I made sure I secured the catch by trying to turn my body into it. On that play I knew that I had to get open because the corner of the end zone would be open so when I had some separation I saw the ball in the air and thought ‘ I have to get it, we have to score’ so I just went after it. I saw the ball when it left Ryan [Nassib]’s hands and I knew it was a floater so I knew I’d have time to run over there and get it. When I was probably three yards away from it I thought ‘I have a chance at the ball’ and just went for it. I just saw the ball the whole time."