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Syracuse Daily Links - ACC, ACC, ACC, ACC & ACC

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College Football Conference Realignment: ACC Adds Syracuse And Pitt; So What Now? -
Oh, John Marinatto. Did you really not know what was going on? Please tell me that was some sort of misguided public face, and that you really did know behind the scenes.

ACC returns to basketball supremacy - College Basketball -
The announcement that Syracuse and Pittsburgh are leaving the Big East symbolized an official shift of power in the college basketball landscape. By poaching two of the top teams from what has been regarded for much of the last decade as the nation’s top conference, the tradition-rich ACC has re-established itself as the best hoops league in the country. And it’s not even close.

ACC reacts to expansion - ACC Blog - ESPN
Miami President Donna E. Shalala - "As a proud Syracuse graduate, I am delighted the Orange and our colleagues at Pittsburgh are joining the ACC. Both of these universities are good fits for the ACC academically and athletically and are led by first-rate presidents."

PODCAST: Brett McMurphy talks realignment -'s Brett McMurphy and Matt Norlander sit down to discuss what this all means for the Big East and the ACC, and also talk about the possible moves by the Pac-12 and SEC.

Confirmed: Villanova Has Applied For ACC Membership - The Nova Blog
ACC Commissioner John Swofford said during a teleconference Sunday the league received more than 10 applications from schools hoping to join the league. Orlando Sentinel sources confirmed multiple Big East members applied to join the league, including Villanova.

Crouthamel, Shaw say it was inevitable that change was coming for Syracuse and the Big East |
"That (hacked) me off, and you can print that," said Crouthamel, remembering the events of eight years ago when Syracuse prepared to leave the Big East after being part of the ACC’s original expansion initiative.

Syracuse University basketball players past and future react to move to ACC |
"I think you’ll get a new feel for that,’’ Roe said Sunday. "It’s a fresh start, a great taste of college basketball. I love the feel of the ACC. There’s not going to be a night off. It’s going to be a battle every night in the ACC, adding those two teams (including Pittsburgh).’’

Stability, sustainability behind Syracuse University's move to Atlantic Coast Conference |
The difference between the ACC and Big East television revenues is "not even close," Gross said. The ACC gets $1.86 billion over 12 years, or $155 million a year, under a contract with ESPN. In August, the Big East walked away from ESPN’s offer of $1 billion over nine years, or $111 million a year. That contract is still being negotiated.

ACC expansion: Boston College eager to welcome eastern rivals Syracuse, Pitt |
"We'll talk about realignment within the conference, but I would certainly like for us to play Syracuse and Pittsburgh every year. And I'd like to be able to play Syracuse every year on Thanksgiving Day or the Friday after Thanksgiving every year," DeFilippo told The Boston Herald.

Poliquin: Moving to the ACC may be a mixed bag for Syracuse, but it does give the Orange sanctuary |
SU and Pitt, smelling the money -- and believing, too, that they had no choice -- fled while there was still something to flee. And as a result, Gross is getting an earful from those who apparently don’t agree with the notion, once advanced by Dwight Eisenhower, that "neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the track of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him."

Analysis: How Syracuse's move to the ACC will impact the Orange lacrosse program |
"Lacrosse-wise, you aren’t going to find any better competition than you will in the ACC," Syracuse coach John Desko said. "They’re all elite programs, so it’s a great fit from that aspect as well."

Analysis: How Syracuse's move to the ACC will impact the Orange basketball program |
For the most part, the Syracuse coaches recruit along the Eastern seaboard from Boston to Washington D.C. That won’t change with SU’s move to the ACC.

SU to the ACC – The Pros and Cons | IraSez
The biggest and maybe the only reason not to leave the Big East is tradition: Mostly the annual game against Georgetown, games in the NY Metro area and The Big East Tournament. We were one of the founding members of the Big East and it’s sad to see us move on but I believe the Big East as we know it is dead and has been dying for a couple of years, they just didn’t know it.

STL Round Table: Conference Expansion - Streaking The Lawn
I'm happy with it. It makes it very unlikely that the ACC is going anywhere, and I can't imagine there being a BCS without it. Being a NYer, I love the prospect of having Syracuse in the ACC. Some of my best friends went to ‘Cuse. Plus, they suck at football.

On BE/ACC/SEC Expansion - Roll 'Bama Roll
I have never really liked the ACC and I could never imagine Syracuse leaving the Big East after we blasted Miami, BC, and Va Tech for doing the same thing. I think it was a brilliant move by the ACC, especially if they pick up UConn and Rutgers as well

Morning Tailgate: I'm Not Thinking About Numbers -
College football is, literally and figuratively, an antique; the flaws, no matter how serious, just accentuate the charm. Shady academic dealings? Free tattoos? Envelopes of cash in recruits' pockets? Okay, sure, but ... fight songs! Bratwurst! Friends! Homecoming! Jumbotrons! Hugs from strangers after touchdowns! The local R.O.T.C. unit firing off a cannon!

Conference Realignment: Louisville's Rick Pitino Takes A Swing At Boston College? - BC Interruption
"Who could imagine Syracuse, a charter member leaving the BIG EAST? Didn't they check Boston College's championship totals since leaving the BIG EAST -- one, in soccer in 2005. Why would they do it along with Pittsburgh?"

Kenny Haas...not a fan of realignment.