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Syracuse Could Be An ACC Member By Sunday, Says Report

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You're still trying to wrap your head around the fact that the Syracuse Orange might be an ACC school moving forward.

Well wrap your head around might be official as soon as today.

Source: ACC presidents could vote to accept Syracuse and Pitt as early as Sunday. It'll be a formality. 'It's done,' the source said.

There's also this report that says we've already been voted in.

Brett McMurphy is on the case and says the ACC has announced a media teleconference for Sunday morning at 9:30am. The ACC Presidents will hold a meeting beforehand. As to whether or not that meeting is an official vote or just an informational remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, John Marinatto has broken his legendary silence on the matter.

"Although I was obviously very disappointed to learn the news about the ACC’s being in discussions about membership with the University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse University, I continue to believe the Big East Conference is well positioned for the future and that the events of the past 24 hours will unify our membership. We have been working steadily to solidify and strengthen the Big East Conference and position us for our upcoming TV negotiations and I am confident that we will again emerge from this situation and remain strong."

Oh Johnny, try as you might, no one's buying that for a second. There's a reason every other Big East school is releasing statements that offer good intentions but keep their options open.

I know Anchorman references are trite, especially when it comes to conference realignment, but, seriously, this escalated quickly. Somebody grab a trident.