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Syracuse vs. USC: Time For Everyone To Put On Their Pants

Mike Borkowski's latest courtesy of <a href="" target="new"> Click here to view the page and support Mike.</a>
Mike Borkowski's latest courtesy of Click here to view the page and support Mike.

The USC Trojans are to the Syracuse Orange like Bruce Dickenson is to an unknown music producer. They put their pants on one leg at a time. But once those pants are on, they make gold records.

"They suit up just like we do. They put on the same equipment, the same shoes. You can’t just go in there and be intimidated," said Orange nose tackle Deon Goggins, a Los Angeles native. "They’re going to try to intimidate us. I mean, it is the old home of the Oakland Raiders, and everybody knows how they are. USC is like the baby Oakland Raiders."

While USC has the weapons to put up 40 points, they haven't really done it so far this season. Dave Rahme thinks that Syracuse should make like Atreyu. "Come for me, G'mork!"

For all its firepower — Barkley and Woods set school records for completions (34) and receptions (17) in a 19-17 opening victory over Minnesota — USC has failed to light up the scoreboard so far. Chief among the culprits are four turnovers committed and only two caused. If SU is to have any chance of being competitive in this one it must make sure that trend continues.

Between the return to California and the lack of Chandler Jones in the lineup, Mikhail Marinovich has moved into the spotlight. While we remember all of the wackiness that Mikhail got into early in his career, Doug Marrone is a fan of the player and person he's become.

"I’ll tell you what," Marrone said. "I can’t think of anything he’s done wrong. Nothing. I can’t even recall him ever missing anything or being late. He’s been great. I’d be interested in what he has to say about it (our relationship)."

"He’s smart," Marrone said. "I would not be shocked if he becomes a multimillionaire. He is an entrepreneur, a showman, a doer. He is also very respectful and does things the right way."

My favorite part of the story? Mikhail grew up rooting for UCLA just to piss off his Dad because of course he did.

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This USC fan basically sums up how the fanbase sees us. Now I want to beat the piss out of them. G'ORANGE