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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast 14: 'A Halo For A Helmet' Author K. Coralee Burch

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A couple months back, reader David Wittenburg was kind enough to alert me to the existence of A Halo For A Helmet, a book about the life of famed Syracuse running back Ernie Davis. He also put me in touch with the book's author, K. Coralee Burch, who was kind enough to send me a copy. It ended up being a pretty definitive history on the life of Ernie Davis, peppered with real stories from the people who knew him most. Even more importantly, it was a great look at the man behind the legend, something that seems to get taken for granted in many Ernie tributes.

I had the chance to chat with Coralee in the latest TNIAAP and talk about the book and her history with Ernie. We spoke about what it was like to attend high school with Ernie, what fellow SU legends like John Mackey, Jim Brown and John Brown had to say about him, what Ben Schwartzwalder was really like and much more. Coralee also shares her thoughts on the movie, The Express and how accurate (or not accurate) its portrayal of Ernie Davis was.

You can listen below, you can download the podcast from TalkShoe and feel calmed by our voices during your morning yoga practice, you can subscribe to the RSS feed and you can even download it off iTunes like the cool kids do.

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