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Syracuse Football Holds Steady In Big East Rankings

The Syracuse Orange win over the Rhode Island Rams wasn't terribly impressive, but then again not many other teams in the Big East did anything much more impressive themselves.

And so, the Orange hold steady is most Big East Rankings around the Interweb.

The SB Nation Big East Blogs keep the Orange at No. 5, behind Cincy. They also move USF ahead of West Virginia in a ballsy move. I'm fine with it for now, but October is looming for the Bulls...and if there's anything USF hates, it's October.

ESPN's Andrea Adelson puts the Orange at No. 4 in her rankings, though she has her concerns about the USC game (you and me both).

Athlon Sports is bullish on the Orange at No. 3, noting that while SU hasn't looked impressive, no one else has either.

SB Nation NY has the Orange at No. 5, dropping them a spot despite the win.

And while Syracuse received some votes in last week's BlogPoll, voters were scared off by the Orange's performance this week's vote. USC came in at No. 24.