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Syracuse vs. USC: The Gus Johnson Theorem

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The Gus Johnson Theorem states...

By introducing Gus Johnson into a fixed equation that involves a superior X and an inferior Y, the properties of X and Y become inverse to the point where the equation's outcome is unpredictable.

The Syracuse Orange basketball team knows about the Gus Johnson Theorem.

Gus Johnson called The Game That Shall Not Be Named.

SU also got burned in this year's NCAA Tournament when The Gus Johnson Theorem came into play during the SU-Marquette 2nd round game. Gus Johnson announced the game, 11-seeded Marquette beat 3-seed Syracuse. The theorem was proven.

Time and time again, the Gus Johnson Theorem has been proven. When Gus Johnson announces a sporting event, exciting things happen and underdogs make history.

Keep that in mind this Saturday night when the Syracuse Orange take on the USC Trojans because Gus Johnson will be calling the game for FX. The game starts at 8:00 pm ET and Gus will be screaming in your face as Ryan Nassib connects with Van Chew on a 76-yard touchdown to win the game sometime around 10:48 pm ET.

Rise and Fire, Syracuse. Rise and Fire.