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Syracuse Football: Phillip Thomas Breaks Jaw, Nick Lepak Out With Concussion

In news that sounds much worse at first than it will end up being, Syracuse Orange safety Phillip Thomas has been held out of practice since breaking his jaw over the weekend.


Thomas has surgery on his jaw Monday and " will return to non-contact drills over the next few days." We assume he won't be yelling very much for the time being as well.

The Syracuse Football God Law that at least one Thomas (#SHAMARKO or Phillip) must be injured at any given time seems to be in effect. Shamarko Thomas is healthy again, so...

In less good news, offensive lineman Nick Lepak sustained a concussion on Monday and will be out of action indefinitely. Lepak is currently penciled in as the backup right guard, behind Andrew Tiller

Finally, walk-on linebacker Zack McCarrell has a hamstring strain from over the weekend and will be out action indefinitely.

Speedy recovery, everyone.