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Get To Know Your Orange Man: #30 Steve/Steven Rene

Vote below and help us end this age-long debate: Steve Rene, or Steven Rene? via <a href=""></a>
Vote below and help us end this age-long debate: Steve Rene, or Steven Rene? via

With more player profiles left than days until college football kicks off, the TNIAAM team'll be pulling two-a-days to get you up to date with Orange knowledge. That means more Suicides and less water breaks, people.

While we try and stay hydrated, saturate yourself with the profiles we've already done by clicking here.

Today's first man up: #30, Steve/Steven Rene (might as well go here for the first random video of the day)

Position: Running Back, Punt Returner

Year: Sophomore

Height: 5'7''

Weight: 176 pounds

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

High School: Canarsie

How'd He Get Here?: In the pursuit of all New York City recruits, Bronxy Marrone nabbed a Brooklynian (that sounds so much better than Brooklynite). Donnie Webb says SU beat out a few solid schools for his services, including Oregon.

"He said he was recruited as an athlete and kick returner by the Orange. He picked Syracuse over offers from Temple, Rutgers, Boston College, Oregon and Hofstra. Rene said Pittsburgh and UConn were involved but had not yet made scholarship offers."

And with Hofstra having a little problem fielding a team, and with the other schools not being Syracuse, Rene couldn't say no.

2010 Stats: Rene was being prepped as the team's punt returner through four games last season, but tore his labrum against arch-enemy of yesteryear, Colgate. The injury shelved him for the season.

2011 Projections: Let's consult the Bible that is the 2011 SU Preseason Depth Chart. Rene is the first running back mentioned after starter Antwon Bailey and tough cookie Prince-Tyson Gulley. Does that mean anything? Doubt it does--Marcus Sales is still a starting wideout--but our own Dan Lyons thought 3rd string sounded right for the sophomore back in Spring ball:

"He is probably our fastest back in terms of pure speed, and is dangerous with the ball. I don't know how we'll look to get the ball in his hands, outside of special teams, but I think he will absolutely find a way on to the field whether it is in the backfield or as a slot receiver in five-wide sets this season."

So what Rene brings to the table is speed, and lots of it. That won't be enough to supplant the guys in front of him, and maybe even my last profilee, Adonis Ameen-Moore, will sneak ahead of him. He had a weird little elbow infection that has sidelined him thus far this summer, but if he rebounds, I bet we'll see him returning punts again.

Scouts/Rivals Said: Rivals gave Rene two-stars, as seen here.

Doug Marrone Said: A lot of Bronx stuff, apparently, because Rene said this:

"Basically, I can relate to what happened to him," Rene said. "A lot of people that hear you're from the city, they doubt you. Most people are all aware about people playing in different states. He actually came from the Bronx. Like me, he's been through a lot. The same things he went through, I went through."

Way to commiserate, HCDM.

Money Quote: Here's Rene from the article I just linked, talking about what sold him on Syracuse:

"Everything was perfect...the campus, the facilities, the Dome ... everything was a major shock. As soon as walked into the building, I saw the big trophies, the pictures of Ernie Davis, Donovan McNabb, Keith Bulluck ... it was wonderful. It was inspirational, especially Ernie Davis. He was a running back, the same position I play. It was awesome. I could see myself playing there."

You're right Sean. He does sound more like a Steven than a Steve.

Lettuce Getta Good Lookatchya: Sweet unis for the Canarsie Chiefs, but then again, my high school colors were purple and gold and our mascot was a Scottie Dog. So basically, any other uniform I see rules:

Steven Rene - Canarsie Chiefs (via CozziPix)