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Baye Moussa Keita Nursing 'Minor Foot Injury'

In the final game of the East Coast All-Stars appearance in the Four Nations Cup this weekend, Baye Moussa Keita saw limited action, grabbing only one rebound in the loss.

Turns out that his lack of stats came from a lack of playing time which itself came from a foot injury.

Syracuse guard Brandon Triche had 12 points but it was not enough as the East Coast All-Stars lost to the Georgian National Team, 98-81.

Kansas State standout Rodney McGruder led the team with 22 points and 14 rebounds. Baye Keita from Syracuse was limited to one rebound after suffering a minor foot injury.

The East Coast All-Star recap mentions the injury as well, noting that BMK stayed out for precautionary reasons.

Early in the 3rd quarter Baye Moussa Keita was subbed out for precautionary reasons due to a minor foot injury, but enough to keep him sidelined for the remainder of the contest.

Since Boeheim would rather strangle you than give out pertinent injury information (or possibly do both at the same time), lets just hope this is indeed as minor as it sounds. We've gone from being very deep to very concerned in the big man department over the last couple months. We don't need any more question marks.