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Syracuse Football Practice, Day 4: Starting To Come Together, Pepper

The Great Leader emerges, via <a href=""></a>
The Great Leader emerges, via

Day 4 of Syracuse Orange football practice was when we started to separate the men from the boys, or in this case, the vets from the freshmen. The frosh sure can run, but can they do well in the schemes? Remains to be seen...


Ryan Nassib is so far ahead of the game as far as understanding the offense and the packages that most of the other QBs got time Monday learning the ropes.

"We got a lot of the quarterbacks reps in it, because we already feel comfortable with Ryan Nassib running it."


Great news on the RB front. Both Prince-Tyson Gulley and Steve Rene were back on the field Monday. Gulley even fielded some punts, something that Doug Marrone was cautiosly optomisitic about:

"I think he’s ahead of schedule. To see him back there flagging balls, that’s a good sign."

Rene had his helmet on and a bandage around his right arm, but did not get too involved.


Doug Marrone likes his young receivers. He doesn't know any of their names yet, but he likes'em.

"I like ‘em. I do," he said when asked about the newbies. "They’re big. I think it’s the first thing that you notice."

Well, I take that back, Doug knows at least one of their names:

"Jeremiah Kobena we knew could run, and he was here in the spring," the coach said. "The other two kids, they’ve done a nice job."

Those other two kids would be Keenan Hale and Kyle Foster. Keep working, fellas. One day Big Doug will know the basic details on your life.


Marrone said defensive ends Chandler Jones and Mikhail Marinovich looked very good working on their schemes today, but then again you already figured that.

Bud Tribbey can be found these days working out in Manley alongside the Orange football team. However, he's not ON the Orange football team anymore. He's back in Syracuse and doing some post-grad work. Unfortunately the NFL didn't come calling but Bud's got some solid work lined up anyway:

After earning an undergraduate degree in economics, Tribbey secured an internship with Pepsi-Cola over the summer and took a few classes in anticipation of starting on his master’s degree. He said he has a job waiting for him as a sales representative with Pepsi back in Richmond.


And the first injury of the year that puts the fear of God into Syracuse fans is...Phillip Thomas.

SU head coach Doug Marrone did not disclose the reason for Thomas’ absence, saying only that "we are evaluating him right now." But the implication is that Thomas is hurt.

Sophomore Jeremi Wilkes spent time at Thomas’ free safety spot.

Special Teams

Freshman Durell Eskridge got some PT on the punt return unit today in Phillip Thomas' absence. In true freshman fashion, he was practically falling all over himself.

The Miami, Fla., native fell over backwards while fielding punts when he misjudged the flight of the ball and had to reach way up high to snare it with two hands. Eskridge lost his balance but refused to let go of the ball.

After he stood up, running backs coach Tyrone Wheatley, who also helps with special teams, gave Eskridge one of those 'I can't believe you just did that' looks.


How old does Doug look in this photo? 75? 80? Thanks a lot, Marcus Sales. Thanks a lot. By the way, did you know Doug was a clarvoyant? (Of course you did). Check out what Doug had to say right before leaving for vacation two weeks ago...

"Now watch," Marrone said with gallows humor. "All hell will break loose."


Doug Marrone talks about Monday's practice session.

The Score 1260's Mike Lindsley says that the Orange's defensive front is the unit on the team with the most potential.