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Syracuse Football Practice Day 3: Lightning Crashes

MARRONE AM DISAPPOINT via <a href=""></a>

Day 3 of Syracuse Orange football practice went indoors thanks to some lightning. It also revealed to us (and our opponents) that Doug Marrone has a kryptonite after all...

I’m very, very afraid of lightning," Marrone said after practice. "Once I heard that thunder, I was ready to go."


Prince-Tyson Gulley still has "five to eight days" on the sidelines before he can participate. As for Steve Rene, he'll rejoin practice in "seven to ten days."


Rahme is a fan of what Deon Goggins is up to this season...

Junior defensive tackle Deon Goggins, a lost soul on the roster last season after arriving from junior college with a lot of hype, has the look of a player who wants to make an impact this season. Goggins (6-1, 272) has shed some weight and seems to be mastering the techniques Jimmy Brumbaugh is espousing.


The Orange are certainly light on size at linebacker. If Scott Shafer does want to put someone with a little more meat on their bones in there, Dave Rahme wonders if he might want to consider #SHAMARKO:

One option Shafer can consider is strong safety Shamarko Thomas (5-10, 208), who has packed muscle on muscle and has the demeanor of a linebacker. He reminds me of a shorter version of Donovin Darius, the best strong safety I’ve seen in my 21 years following the team.


Doug Marrone's prognosis so far? Meh...

"As of right now, no one’s really separated themselves," Marrone said of the entire team. "It’s not like the next level, where you show up and you’re playing. Those guys are ready, right now, to separate themselves and show who’s going to keep a job."


Doug Marrone talks about day three of preseason practice.