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Do Your Duty: Attend A Syracuse Orange Send-Off

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We as members of the Syracuse University community has duties to uphold.

We must root for the Orange in whatever sport, activity or court case they might be participating in.

We must wear the orange (and blue) proudly whenever possible.

We must foster a new generation of Syracuse Orange fans whenever possible so that the orange-y torch of freedom and liberty will always triumph over the tyranny of drab Georgetown gray (you think I wrote this book for fun???).

So your attendance at the local Syracuse Orange Send-Off is pretty much mandatory.

At this fun, informal gathering, you'll get to know other first-year students from your area.  Current students and alumni will also be on hand to answer your questions, provide the inside scoop on what to expect during your first few weeks at SU, and give you your first dose of Orange spirit.

Find the send-off in your area and RSVP RIGHT NOW. I don't care if it already happened and you missed it. Go back in time or Fringe your way into an alternate universe where the event is this weekend and go!

Speaking of, the Seattle send-off this Sunday and I'll be attending. Won't you join me at the home of Herb ('63) and Connie Foster? It's a potluck so bring your best Juli Boeheim Ranch Dip dish. If you're an SU alum in the Seattle area and I don't see you there, you're dead to me.

Send-Off photos and interesting anecdotes are appreciated...