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Syracuse Daily Links - The Mustaching Of Orange Football

Three Idiots on Sports: Marinovich-ing the Syracuse Football Team
Using our mad photoshop (cough - MS Paint) skills, we've decided to take Mikhail's "recent accomplishment" and see how some other football types would look with it.

Can Pasqualoni Bring Syracuse Touch To UConn? - Hartford Courant
"The two of them together, Pasqualoni and DeLeone, were like mad scientists," McPherson said. "They were just throwing offenses and defenses out, doing all kinds of crazy things. That team, that year changed a lot of things in college football. I don't think a lot of people give them the credit they deserve with what they did at the time, especially DeLeone.

Eastern Michigan University Athletics - Sun Named Men's Basketball's Director of Operations
Sun, who was a manager for the Syracuse University men's basketball team during the 1993-95 seasons and also worked as an office assistant, spent the past four summers helping organize and manage several boys' AAU basketball tournaments in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Scoop Jardine's 23rd birthday includes a big gift from USA Basketball |
"I’m feeling great. I’ve had a long summer. The traveling to different camps was definitely a key. I worked out with (SU strength and conditioning coach) Ryan Cabiles and with (athletic trainer) Brad Pike for two weeks before I came out here. When I got out here, the altitude is crazy. The first couple days was really tough. But we’re getting in to great shape." College Football - West Virginia poised to top Big East
BREAKOUT DEFENSIVE STAR: Syracuse E Chandler Jones. His brother, Arthur, was a standout tackle at Syracuse. Another brother, John, is a UFC fighter. So Chandler Jones has some good genes. All he needs is the breakout season that appears to be inevitable. He had 9.5 tackles for loss and forced three fumbles last season. With star LBs Derrell Smith and Doug Hogue gone, Syracuse is looking for a disruptive player in the front seven. Jones shows the signs of becoming that kind of force as a junior.

Syracuse's Joe Morris Working in Real Estate, Insurance |
Former Syracuse running back Joe Morris works in insurance and real estate, while occasionally making appearances for speaking engagements. He resides in New Jersey and has two children.

Syracuse University Athletics - Catching Up With SU Basketball Legends: John Wallce
Still surrounding himself with basketball at all levels, the third-leading scorer in program history keeps himself busy from the AAU level up through his work with the NBA.

A History of the Syracuse Mustache
But did you know, that Marinovich is not the only member of the Syracuse Orange (and Orangemen) community to sport such a mustache?

Syracuse University Athletics - Catching Up With SU Basketball Legends: Derrick Coleman
Maybe more impressive, though, than his 2,143 points and 1,537 rebounds at SU, is what Coleman contributes to his community with yet another man whose jersey hangs in the Dome.

Trecker: The antiquated, expiring ritual of promotion, relegation - Premier League News | FOX Sports on MSN
Every season, the final three teams at the foot of the Premier League table are sent down to the second division. They in turn are replaced by the top three teams from the Football Championship. It’s a system called "promotion and relegation," and there’s nothing close to it in American sport. It's as if the winners of the Bowl Championship Series got to replace the Cleveland Browns or your local high school champions got to displace Syracuse.

FanPhooey decided to figure out what other Syracuse notables might look like with a Mikhail Marinovich-style mustache. Scoop Jardine looks so mature!