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Syracuse Football: Orange Fanfest Set For Friday, Aug. 12

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I have two words for you...


Now that Syracuse Orange football camp is underway, it's time to start planning for Orange Fanfest. For those not in the know, Fanfest is for "Orange enthusiasts" who want to watch football practice and take part in "a variety of other fun activities that the whole family can enjoy."

The even will take place Friday, August 12th and feature more fun than you could possibly prepare for.

Watch football practice from 3:45 - 6:30pm.

Get autographs from you favorite (and least-favorite) Syracuse players and coaches immediately following.

Tops Supermarkets and Dunkin Donuts will be handing out promotional items and product samples. YOU LOVE PRODUCT SAMPLES! ESPECIALLY DONUT-RELATED ONES!

Check out the athletics marketing tent for your official 2011 football posters and schedule cards. (I can't believe they actually call it the "marketing tent." Shouldn't it be something a little more buzzy like the "Syracuse Fan Freedom Shelter" or the "Orange Festive Freebie General Location!"

Meet Pro Football Hall of Fame member and former Syracuse University standout Floyd Little, who will be present and accounted for at every single Syracuse football event from now until the year 4444.

For whatever reason, SU isn't calling them "inflatable jumpies" anymore but they are here. A bounce house, obstacle course and fun house. Hopefully the obstacle course doesn't drop you into the driver's seat of a car with bunch of drugs in the backseat and an open alcohol container and give you :30 to evade police. Cause that would be a little on the nose...

"Syracuse’s Olympic sport teams will be on hand to mingle (!!!) with the fans. There will be scrimmages, practices and meet and greet opportunities with the men’s and women’s soccer teams, the women’s field hockey team, the women’s volleyball team and the women’s basketball team." What about the men's basketball team? Too cool? Actually, now that I think about it, probably best to keep Fab Melo away from all those women's teams.

The band "Classified" will perform live. In case you're wondering, their band motto is "hot brass cool sounds." Are you in for a treat? You're God damn right you are. Go listen to their versions of "Oh, What A Night" and Kool & The Gang's "Celebration" here.

No mention of Otto...WTF? If OTO isn't there, it doesn't count.

So, who's going and how many photos of Mikhail Marinovich's mustache will you be taking?