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Prince-Tyson Gulley Reports To Syracuse Football Camp

A bit of good news to offset the ridiculousness from the early morning. Prince-Tyson Gulley has reported to Syracuse football camp just a little over a week since being stabbed at a South Campus party.

Whether Gulley will be available to speak with reporters at SU's media day activities this afternoon remains to be seen. Gulley suffered multiple stab wounds to his back and arms early on the morning of July 29 during a brawl at an on-campus party. His wounds were not considered life-threatening, but there has yet to be any word on when or if he'll practice.

One distraction down, two to go.

No word on Marcus Sales yet. He's not at camp but he is still on the official roster and we know from experience that as long a you're on the roster, you're still on the team.

Considering how things looked a week ago, it's just good to have PTG back in camp, back with the team and relatively healthy.