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Syracuse Orange Football Team Bigger, Stronger, Faster In 2011

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As the Syracuse Orange football team report to camp and begin their 2011 season, Dave Rahme checks out the revised team roster and notices some numbers that have gone up. In the case of football players, gained weight here is a good thing.

In the encouraging department I see tight ends Nick Provo (6-4, 249) and Beckett Wales (6-3, 253) have added bulk since last season, in Wales’ case 20 pounds.

I also love the size of defensive ends Chandler Jones (6-5, 265) and Mikhail Marinovich (6-5, 253) and am glad to see defensive tackle Jay Bromley up to 280 from 269.

Also encouraging is outside linebacker Dan Vaughan’s reporting weight of 219, up nine pounds from the preseason depth chart, and fellow OLB Dyshawn Davis coming in at 213, up five pounds from the preseason chart.

Rahme does mention that he'd like to see Andrew Tiller (334) shed a few pounds, as well as his backup Nick Lepak (363).

Rahme also lets folks know that while Adonis Ameen-Moore is indeed 244, he's still got enough quickness to put that weight to good use.

It's media day today for the Syracuse University football team so expect plenty more news, videos and links later today...not to mention some comments from Doug Marrone on what's in the water these days...