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Syracuse QB Jonny Miller Arrested On Robbery Charges

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Alright, now this is getting ridiculous. I'm all for Syracuse becoming a football powerhouse again and challenging the SEC but that doesn't mean we have to turn into a team of criminals...

QB Jonny Miller became the 2nd Syracuse player arrested in the past week, along with high school teammate and former Colorado player Bryce Givens.

Boulder police arrested Givens and Jonathan Miller, 20, who plays football for Syracuse University and was Givens' teammate at Mullen High School in Denver, on suspicion of punching and robbing a man early Wednesday morning.

The 21-year-old victim said he was walking home from downtown Boulder at around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday when he was approached by two men near 13th Street and College Avenue. One of the men punched him in the face, he said. The victim told police the two men then took his cash and cell phone before running into a residence in the 900 block of College Avenue. He then called police from a nearby friend's house.

Police suspect that Miller was the one who threw the punch. He was arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault, robbery and possession of a fake ID, while Givens was arrested on suspicion of robbery. Both are free on bond.

I guess Miller's shoulder has finally healed up.

Givens has already been kicked off the Colorado football team. No word from Syracuse yet on the incident and Miller's status.

Look, I don't want to beak out my Jump To Conclusions mat just yet but, what the hell is going on around here? Used to be, the worst thing Syracuse football players did was miss a curfew or arrive late at a meeting. Now all of a sudden we're running red lights with cars full of drugs or punching and robbing strangers on the street? I'm not going to go nuts and say "Marrone has lost this team!" but...why is this happening? A couple bad eggs with really bad timing? Sheer boredom?

As for the fact that it's Miller, who came to us with such promise and expectations and has yet to show any of it on the's not the time to be drawing attention to yourself for anything other than getting better on the football field. If he's not a member of the Syracuse team come this afternoon, don't be too shocked.

H/T: Arrest Nation