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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man--#36 Adonis Ameen-Moore

Welcome to the squad, sir (<a href="">from</a>)
Welcome to the squad, sir (from

Welcome to Syracuse, Adonis Ameen-Moore!

Just go ahead an keep your cleats on. You won't beat out starter Antwon Bailey this year, but the backup spot once held down by Prince-Tyson Gulley is now a little bit of a question mark. Beat out Steve Rene, Mario Tull, and a bunch of others who've never taken a snap at running back and you're sitting pretty.

And when you are, thank the Greggers recruiting class of 2007. If prized 2007 wideout Marcus Sales is found guilty in a court of law by a jury of his peers, he'll be given the boot. His buddy, four-star running back and fellow 2007'er Averin Collier, would've stood in your way on the depth chart. He's gone too, though.

Offensive production's gotta come from somewhere, right? And Adonis, you've got a wealth of Youtube highlights saying you could be the guy that fills two voids this fall.

Year: Freshman

Height: 5'10''

Weight: 244 pounds (more on that later)

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

High School: Mullen High

2010 Stats and How He Got Here: He crossed da plane 26 times for 1,774 yards as a senior at Mullen High, and the rest of his high school career is equally impressive. The 2009 and 2010 Denver Post Player of the Year had colleges a-knockin'...but they were Utah, Colorado, Colorado State, and Northwestern.

That's when the HCDM SUper Recruiting Pipeline sprung into action. Backup QB Jonny Miller is a Mullen HS grad, so the connections were there, as well as the need for a bruising running back after Collier's bowl game boot.

Listen to this podcast done by the guys at The Fizz and you tell me if he's amped to wear Orange.

2011 Projections: From the moment he signed on the dotted Orange line, I've maintained that the guy is too strong and skilled not to employ--screw the freshman standing. More importantly, Adonis is the type of power back Tyrone Wheatley can mold in his image. And a mini-Wheatley should be what the doctor ordered for a worn out, 25-carry-a-game Antwon Bailey.

Look for him in small doses early. If it works, you'll see a lot more of Adonis later.

Scouts/Rivals Said: Can't say it any better than this profile from

Doug Marrone Said: He doesn't have to say a damn thing to us because he was busy showing up on Adonis Ameen-Moore's doorstep. I'm thinking fellow recruiters Tyrone Wheatley and Nate Hackett stood in the background singing barbershop love songs as HCDM went to one knee and removed his top hat...but that's just me.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: When we first heard about Adonis, he was weighing a solid 215 pounds. The Bible That Is The Preseason Depth Chart was released three days ago. Adonis weighs 244 pounds now.

Honestly, I think that's a good thing. There won't be a defensive back in the Big East who can tackle that man straight up. Let's just hope his speed isn't compromised or guys go for his knees, Brandon Jacobs style.

Must-Read: This Denver Post story about Adonis and his 9th grade beef with splitting carries.

Lettuce Getta Good Look Atchya: Where to begin? Just watch this one, then follow the many links down the rabbit hole and get pumped he's playing for us and not Akron.

Adonis Ameen-Moore vs. Bear Creek (via BuffStampedeDotCom)