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Jim Boeheim Court In Carrier Dome May Have Been De-Blued

cuse court
cuse court

Syracuse is apparently continuing its "Blue? What blue? We don't use blue. Who told you that?" campaign with what seems to be slight changes to Jim Boeheim Court in the Carrier Dome aimed at cutting down on all that God damn blue.

Check out some photos of Jim Boeheim Court last season. Notice the blue Big East Conference logo in the keys and  blue writing under the basket as well as the "Syracuse" written along atop the Block S at halfcourt in orange with blue borders. And of course the blue pro three-point line.

Now check out this video from Jim Boeheim Basketball Fantasy Camp.

That Big East Conference logo? Now it's white. So is the text under the basket.

Also gone is the blue three-point line.

And goodbye to "Syracuse" at half-court.

Now maybe this is some kind of practice court, so we'll wait to see. However the only other court the Dome has used in recent years was the non-descript NCAA Tournament one from a couple years back. Doubt they'd go to all the fuss of creating a new one to stow it away all season.

Update: According to someone in the know, "The "Syracuse" over the S was a temp thing to get peeps used to the new block logo. Used to be on apparel, too. Not anymore."

H/T: newyorkscollegeteam