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USA Today Coaches Poll Hates Big East Football Teams

At the very least, Big East fans figured West Virginia would be this year's annual Big East's Highest-Ranked Team Somewhere Around No. 23 In The Preseason Polls. But alas, the coaches will have none of it.

Everyone in the Big East begins the season on the outside looking in as far as the USA Today Coaches Poll is concerned.

I suppose we could start counting TCU a year early. In that case we've got the No. 15 team in the nation. Hooray!

West Virginia is technically No. 27, USF is No. 38 and Pitt is No. 47 while those punks from UCF are No. 33. Don't think Mike Bianchi isn't going to notice that.

USF's Skip Holtz; Syracuse's Doug Marrone; Louisville's Charlie Strong; and Rutgers' Greg Schiano all have votes in the coaches poll. Somebody needs to get Coach P and Butch in there as well so we can juice this sucker.

Oklahoma is your No. 1, followed by Alabama, Oregon, LSU and Florida State.