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Rob Long Update: And Now We Hate The Cleveland Browns...

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The Cleveland Browns were you favorite NFL team for approximately two days. Now you hope they go 0-27.*

The Browns invited former Syracuse punter Rob Long to work out for the team on Aug. 2 after Reggie Hodges went down with what appears to be a season-ending injury.

Today, they apparently decided to go with a punter not named Rob Long, thereby ending his time with the team. They instead decided to go with Richmond McGee, who was waived by the Bears on Monday. Thereby proving the Cleveland Browns motto to be..."Just Trying To Get By With Chicago's Leftovers."

From now on, we'll all imagine Jim Brown and Ernie Davis in Bengals uniforms.

As you might expect, Rob is taking the highest of roads, which is good since I'm taking such a low one.




* I know there are only 16 games in a season (for now) but that's how pissed off you are...