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Big East Expansion: DOC Gross Wants 12 Big East Teams?

This is how bored we all are of the Big East expansion discussion...Big East Media Day came and went and it was hardly enough a topic of note amongst writers and bloggers for any major breaking stories.

That said, there was a little bit of discussion. Of course.

Syracuse fans have never really gotten a clear answer as to where SU stand on the whole 10-team, 12-team Big East dilemma. According to the Post-Gazette, DOC Gross wants to go all-in.

The top issue facing the Big East, and I'm sure we will hear more about it tomorrow, is expansion and the two men leading the charge on that front are Steve Pederson and Mark Nordenberg. But there are far too many issues to make this an easy process. Pederson, along with the athletic directors from Syracuse, Rutgers and West Virginia, are pushing for a 12-team football league but the problem is nobody can figure out a plan that satisfies everyone or even a healthy majority.

It wouldn't be too surprising. DOC is a forward-thinking kind-of guy and I would assume he wants the full-bore. Besides, if it means the creation of a Big East Championship Game in the NYC area, then you best believe DOC wants the Orange in there.

As for your wackadoodle Big East expansion theory of the week, I give you "the dream scenario." (H/T: Patrick)

The dream scenario would be the current league, plus TCU and BC and Maryland and if three schools of that quality were added, then a 12th school could be a Villanova or Central Florida and the conference would clearly be better.

That brings the question - what exactly could the Big East offer Maryland and Boston College that they don't already have in the ACC?

Well, money, and that's where the high stakes poker game with television networks that the Big East - at the prodding of Pederson and company - comes into play. The conference hopes it can parlay NBC/Comcast's new found interest in college sports programming into a bidding war with ESPN to drive the price up to a level much higher than what the ACC's current (and long-term) deal gives each team.

If only to force Randy Edsall back into the Big East where he'll have to play UConn every year...I say yes.

Speaking of NBC, you might want to keep an eye on The Network Formerly Known As Versus. NBC Sports Network, along with its connections to Comcast and NBC, could be exactly the kind of partner that the Big East is looking for if ESPN won't step up to the plate.

Stay, as always, tuned.