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Gerry McNamara Beats You With Buzzer-Beaters Even In Jim Boeheim Fantasy Basketball Camp


Seems like every single person who attended Jim Boeheim Fantasy Basketball Camp was blogging about it all well. Well, at least two people. Noted Syracuse basketball fanatic Neil Gold and Post-Standard writer Mike Waters.

Neil's big claim to fame was scoring on Day 2 without actually putting a ball in the basket.

The big News of the day is that I scored! OK, it was only one point, and, don't tell anyone this, but it was kind of due to a technicality in the scoring rules. You see, in Fantasy Basketball land, if you get fouled while taking a shot, you get a point. Well I got fouled going in for a layup and so we were awarded one point. Of course my foul shot hit the front rim and clanged off, so I had to settle for just the one.

I'm pretty sure Mookie Jones plays by the same rules in his mind.

Mike Waters had fun on Day 2 as well though he noted that team coach Adrian Autry had to recuse himself to tend to a little business:

Our team had a change in command. Our head coach is Adrian Autry, but the new Syracuse assistant had a bit of business to attend to on Tuesday. Jerami Grant, a highly-regarded senior forward, from DeMatha High School in Hyattsville, Md., was on campus for an unofficial visit. Grant is the son of former NBA player Harvey Grant, who toured the Melo Center with his son.

Finally on Day 3, the teams moved to the Carrier Dome (via police escort!) and Neil was quick to note that Mike "I'm Not Very Good" Waters was in fact fairly solid.

For the first time during this camp, I did not get to play, but we have many great players on the team. I should tell you that this includes Mike Waters, my teammate, who had protested early on that he was not very good. Don't believe it. Mike was a valuable asset to our team.

Waters notes that it wasn't all fantasies and dreams. One player tore the posterior ligament in his knee during the morning game. By the way, Gerry McNamara's team won on a last-second basket because of course his team did.

The championship game ended with Gerry McNamara’s team beating Hopkins’ team in overtime on a last-second basket by Bram Palm on a sweet pass from camp MVP Rick Schnall.