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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man - #70 Jesse Wolf-Gould

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If all goes well, this should be the last day for this series.  It's been a long ride, I hope you've all enjoyed these.  To catch up on anyone you missed, click here.

Position:  Offensive Line

Year:  Freshman

Height:  6'4"

Weight:  321

Hometown:  Oneonta, NY

High School:  Oneonta 

2010 Stats:  N/A

2011 Projections:  Being a walk-on, I hope he doesn't need to see the field this year.  However, I've heard very good things about Wolf-Gould this summer, at one point he was even battling for the back-up center spot when our line was really depleted due to injury.  He might be a kid who could be a contributor down the road.

How'd He Get Here:  Jesse didn't get too many looks from programs, so he decided to stay in the area and walk-on at SU.

Recruiting Services:  All three have profiles for Jesse, but no stars were given out.  ESPN did give him a grade of 40.

Money Quote:

 jdubbs1218: Taking my talents to Syracuse (pending acceptance) cheeeaaa son!

Links of Wonder:  Here's Jesse's infrequently updated Twitter page.

Marrone Thinks:  

"I credit Jesse Wolf-Gould today," Marrone said. "You’re talking about someone that’s a freshman, that’s walked onto our program and is playing with the second team. We had nine lineman, and we’re rotating people through that left guard position. We hope to get some players back tomorrow, which we hope we will. And then we’ll move forward from there."

Interesting Nugget O'Interest:  Jesse is actually the second "Wolf" on the team.  It is also Beckett Wales' middle name.

Let Us Get a Good Look Atchya:  I've got nothing.  Someone over in Oneonta needs to start putting some highlight films on the internet.