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Syracuse vs. Wake Forest: AttendanceWatch 2011

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Breathe a little easier, Orange fan. When the Syracuse Orange host the Wake Forest Demon Deacons Thursday night (That's Tomorrow!), they'll be doing so in front of a crowd that's over 40,000 strong.

Nolan spoke with officials at the Dome who confirmed ticket sales are moving in the right direction:

Sales were about 35,000 as of late Tuesday, and advance sales today and Thursday, along with a large walk-up crowd expected before the 8 p.m. kickoff in the Carrier Dome, were expected to push the total over the 40,000 mark, officials said this morning.

DOC Gross also want you to know attendance is on the rise. He stopped by Brent Axe's show to discuss the matter. He also went into why the game is being played on Thursday.

"I was educated on this when I got here. A lot of people have said don't play a home game here to start the season because it is the State Fair, Labor Day, no one is going to come to the game, etc, etc, everyone wants those last few days because you don't want to lose those.

So we tried a different angle. I think it is a smart angle because you don't want to always give up your first game and Syracuse Football is going to play every first game on the road. I don't think that bodes well for your team's confidence to always be going into hostile territory and those types of things.


I believe we will have a strong walk up. I believe we will be in the 40's. And that's good. That's a good way to start the season. This is all out of respect to those that want to go to the Fair, enjoy Labor Day weekend and enjoy the weather."

As for how he feels on the game being on suckhole that is word yet.

Meanwhile, if you are attending the game, try to get their early. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in traffic and miss the first play of the game, an Antwon Bailey-Ryan Nassib flea flicker to Alec Lemon for a 65 yard touchdown.*

* Pretty sure that's the first play in the script