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POLL: The Quest For Beef, Belk Or Pinstripe?

As the Syracuse Orange prepare to kick off the 2011 college football season, it's time to get dangerously way-ahead of ourselves and wonder...what bowl will the Orange end up in?

You say: "Hey jerk, don't go assuming anything. One game at a time."

Scott Shafer says: "One game at a time is for losers."

There's a whole bunch of bowl projections out there and while it seems as though few people can agree on where the Orange will end up, almost all of them agree SU should end up in a bowl game for the second-straight season. We've come a long way from The Quest For Toronto. : Syracuse vs. North Carolina in the Belk Bowl

Stewart Mandel, Syracuse vs. Baylor in the Pinstripe Bowl

Mark Schlabach, ESPN: Syracuse vs. North Carolina State in the Belk Bowl

Brad Edwards, ESPN: Syracuse vs. Central Florida in the Beef O'Brady Bowl

Andrea Adelson, ESPN: Syracuse vs. CUSA opponent in Beef O'Brady Bowl Syracuse vs. Southern Miss in the Beef O'Brady Bowl

Off Tackle Empire: Syracuse v. Central Florida in the Beef O'Brady Bowl

Lou Holtz: Nonsense, gibberish and spittle.

So, what do you think? Would you be happy with a return to the Pinstripe Bowl? Would you consider the Beef O'Brady Bowl a disappointment? Are Syracuse fans allowed to be disappointed with any bowl selection?