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The 2011 TNIAAM Tully's Tender Tweetup

Resistance is futile  via <a href=""></a>
Resistance is futile via

Those of you in our fine twitterati may have noticed OrangeChuck and I throwing around the idea of a Tully's excursion (#OperationTullysTweetup) for our fine community here this here is where we'll plan that!

Here's my current idea for this:

Location:  Tully's Good Times, 2943 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse, NY

Time:  Saturday September, 3 at 7:00 pm

If the time doesn't work for a good amount of people, we can definitely change that.

So...if you'd like to come enjoy some tenders and wax poetic about Syracuse sports with your friends from TNIAAM, please leave a comment below and let me know if you are definitely coming.  I'd like to have a finalized list by Friday so we can call Tully's and get a nice big table, so make sure you're spoken for by then.

I will be there, as will Chuck, and I think the immortal Mike Borkowski has expressed interest, so I think we'll have a really nice group.

See you all on Saturday.

(Note:  When looking for an image for this post, I've noticed that Chuck is in like 25% of the images listed for "Tully's Tenders" on Google.  I wouldn't have it any other way).