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Syracuse vs. Wake Forest: Where Are We Watching - Submissions

When the Syracuse Orange take on the Wake Forest Demon Deacons on Thursday, you're probably gonna have to do some legwork to see it. I mean, we already know you're not going. So the question becomes...who has access to and how do I guilt them into letting me watch with them?

If you've got a local Syracuse watering hole, restaurant, bar, club, disco or ballroom that will be showing the game, let me know either in the comments or via email and I'll add it to the official list of places for SU fans around the globe to tune in.

I already know here in Seattle the official watching place is someone's apartment (The year is 2011 and I have to go to someone's apartment to watch Syracuse football. Hooray for technology! Thanks ESPN!  C*********s). Even if that's the case for you and the apartment owner/renter doesn't mind a few strange faces wearing Cuse colors, send it along.

Please let your local alumni group know as well so they can keep me abreast (teeheehee).

And if you know a local watering hole who might want to sponsor the "Where Are We Watching" series let me know as well. Guaranteed post every week, perfect for regional chains looking to suck up local Syracuse fans like a vacuum. Hi Tully's, looking at you. Don't be shy...