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Doug Marrone: Prince-Tyson Gulley, Marcus Sales Incidents 'A Distraction'

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Doug Marrone has broken his legendary silence on the Marcus Sales and Prince-Tyson Gulley incidents from last weekend.

Overall, Marrone remains troubled by the incidents but wants folks to know it's not a reflection of the program as a whole:

"Things like this, unfortunately they occur, but it’s not a reflection of the whole program," Marrone said. "And we still don’t know exactly what’s going on with those situations."

First on Gulley, Marrone told reporters at Big East Media Day that Gulley is home resting and will be back...but it's unknown when he'll be good to go.

"I know that he’s home right now, in Wisconsin. He’s from (Akron) Ohio but his dad moved to Wisconsin. He was healthy enough to be released and healthy enough to take that trip home," said Marrone, who visited with Gulley on Saturday.

"I won’t know [when he'll be able to play] until I speak to the doctors," Marrone said.

As for Sales, Marrone is playing the wait-and-see game with authorities before leveling any decrees.

"Right now there's obviously investigations going on, and we're working with the proper authorities...I know I'm the football coach and everyone is waiting for something from me, but you've got to remember they're students first. So I've got to work with the proper authorities."

The fact that Marrone is waiting to see how it plays out, rather than dishing out his brand of justice swiftly like he did with Malcolm Cater, makes me think there's more to the story, or at least some gaps to be filled in. We will, as always, see.