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Big East Media Day 2011: Videos, Links & Recaps

2011 Big East Media Day is in the books. We learned...some stuff. And we've got plenty of videos and links to prove it.

First up, over at Big East Coast Bias, Mark Ennis talks about Skip Holtz's words that the Big East is "fighting an image, not a product."

The Big East can't change its football past, it can only work to earn respect in the future, and that starts with the 2011 football season. Big East football teams must win non-conference games against top shelf opponents while avoiding some of last season's embarrassing losses. West Virginia's win over Maryland was probably the league's best non-conference win, and that simply won't do if the conference as a whole hopes to earn respect. Having your champion lose to a Temple team that did not even go to a bowl game doesn't help, either. There are plenty of opportunities in 2011, and teams must capitalize. Both South Florida and Pittsburgh get cracks at Notre Dame. Pittsburgh also hosts now PAC 12 member Utah. West Virginia has the highest profile non-conference game when it hosts LSU in October. It would do wonders for the league to win some of these games.

Now on to the links and videos (of which there are many).

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