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The Many Faces Of Mikhail Marinovich

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It occurred to me yesterday when I was watching this interview of Syracuse Orange defensive end Mikhail Marinovich that he might be the most underrated, like-able characters in the history of Cuse football. Take this quote for instance...

"When you have a order crepes off menus. It's mandatory."

How this guy has remained mostly under-the-radar is pretty surprising. Considering everything that's happened over his SU career, you'd think he was the poster boy for Orange football by now. For instance...

His last name is Marinovich and his older brother and domineering father are the first things you think of when you hear it.

He broke into Manley Field House in the middle of night and got arrested.

He opened his very own hookah bar off Marshall Street DURING THE FOOTBALL SEASON. A hookah bar which caught on fire, by the way.

He had a brief foray in male modeling.

He got married.

He grew the best mustache in Syracuse football since "Hickory" Joe Rashburn of the 1903 squad. and stole the show at Big East Media Day, out-eating Chandler Jones at the Clambake.

All the while, he's done all of that while also putting up some very consistent and dependable stats on the D-line over the course of four seasons. His best game of last season? The Pinstripe Bowl where he garnered six tackles and half a sack.

While all eyes on Chandler Jones heading into this season, is Mikhail Marinovich primed for a HUGE year on and off the field? Something tells me yes.

The one regret I have...that Mikhail isn't on Twitter (though he seems to be considering it, UPDATE: He's on Twitter now!). If anything would push him over the edge, it would be that. Seeing his personality on display in the BEMD interviews, it's clear he's a fun guy. And in what once seems unlikely, he's extremely likable and the kind of player you want to root for.

The best thing that ever happened to Mikhail was starting his career under Greg Robinson. Had Doug Marrone been here in Marinovich's early years, the DE might not still be here. Thankfully, he got all that stuff out of his system by the time HCDM came to town.

Oh and we haven't even gotten into the Many Faces of Mikhail. Based on the way he's changed his look over his Syracuse career, he's basically the Lady Gaga of Syracuse Football. Take that as you will.