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Syracuse Football: Expected Carrier Dome Attendance Is "Meh"

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Brent Axe tweeted this disturbing piece of information a little while ago...

A lot of you have been asking about attendance on Thursday. An SU official tells me they expect the crowd to be "in the high 30's" .

Um, yikes, you guys.

In case you were wondering, Carrier Dome capacity is closer to 50K than it is to 39K. Attendance at least year's home opener was announced as just-under 38K and that was the third game of the season against Maine.

I don't want to get into a whole "REAL CUSE FANS GO TO GAMES AND NON-REAL FANS STAY HOME AND COOK RISOTTO WITH THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER" thing, especially because that's the weirdest piece of logic I've ever heard. What is wrong with you?

But, you know, that's pretty low. Makes me wonder why they decided to move the game to Thursday in the first place. It's certainly not for the national awareness. I live in Seattle and have yet to find a bar that carries, so I'll likely be watching the game at someone's house. I doubt most college football fans unrelated to the Syracuse or Wake Forest programs will even make that kind of effort. They'll just flip on one of the games on their actual television set and be happy with that.

So if we're not getting the national exposure that a weekday night game is supposed to promise AND our attendance is suffering for it...what was the point?