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Big East Coaches High On Doug Marrone, Low On The Carrier Dome

Pictured: Badassery, via <a href=""></a>
Pictured: Badassery, via

Athlon Sports did a pretty interesting thing, asking various Big East coaches to comment anonymously on their conference rivals. The answers provide a little bit of insight (though should not be considered gospel or representative of the whole) into how the rest of the conference sees the Orange and SU.

The big winners were Doug Marrone and Scott Shafer, who got praise for getting their players to play above their talent level in the first two seasons. As the talent level improves, that's something bodes well.

The big loser seems to be the Carrier Dome, which is referred to as an "overrated" atmosphere, at least until we start packing it again. Fair enough. And if I'm Otto's Army, I take that as a personal challenge. Just don't show that comment to Bud Poliquin, he'll blow a gasket (on his Model-T).

Other thoughts are on whether or not SU can recruit five-star talent outside of NY like it used to and Ryan Nassib's ability to run an offense. The coaches seem low on both, which just provides more incentive to stuff it down all their faces when both happen.

And if I'm Nassib, I look at that comment, pull a Tebow and then go about my business.

Check out the rest of the comments to see what folks think of the other Big East teams and try to figure out if any of the comments are from Marrone or another SU coach.