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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man--#4 Brandon Reddish

Is super-recruit Reddish a cornerback f'real? Picture via <a href=""></a>
Is super-recruit Reddish a cornerback f'real? Picture via

For the sake of finishing these profiles, we give you a super early Monday edition on GTKAOM. It's super because it's on this site. You're reading it early Monday because I forgot to post it on Friday.

But here's a player no one should forget--freshman cornerback Brandon Reddish, the ballyhooed recruit of Doug Marrone's 2011 class.

Year: Freshman. And while we're on the topic, a few of his fellow Class of '15ers might've heard some megaphone noise walking on Euclid last weekend. It's totally not cool to be a freshman.

Position: The coaches say cornerback, but I daresay he'll see some snaps at receiver. More on this later.

Height: 5-10

Weight: 179

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

High School: Fort Hamilton

2010 Stats: Reddy had himself a helluva senior year: 593 rushing yards, 323 receiving yards, 18 touchdowns, and seven picks for Fort Hamilton. That'll get you named the 2010 NY Post All-City Player of the Year, folks.

How'd He Get Here and What'd Rivals Say?: Maybe you've heard of Syracuse? It's kind of a big deal for New York.

So the head coach of New York's college team sat down with New York's top offensive prospect--three stars on Rivals--and broed hard. HCDM graduated from Lehman high school, which, by all accounts, is a hop, skip, and a jump away from Hamilton (don't ask me, I'm an upstate hillbilly). Five seconds and an awkward flirtation with Penn State later, Reddish followed fellow Hamilton player Ivan Foy to the 'Cuse, New Yorkifying the roster.

2011 Projections: Reddish has been practicing at corner, and he was penciled in as a member of the secondary yesterday with the release of the first depth chart.

But humor me as a call shenanigans on the SU coaching staff.

The position switch was all well and good when Marcus Sales was dependable and our receiving corps looked like a strength, but that seems ages ago. Now, it's the offense that needs some spark, not the defense, and Reddish can be a poor man's Percy Harvin for SU. Look at the tape if you don't buy what I'm selling.

Or read this Fizz article from back in the day because it makes some solid points.

Money Quote and a Middle Finger to Ishaq: Here's the NY Daily News on what motivated Reddish in New York's PSAL champion game against Lincoln and a familiar foe.

"Reddish, the Tigers' dynamic senior two-way standout, heard all about the accolades of Ishaq Williams, Lincoln's U.S. Army All-American defensive end, but proved that he's a pretty big star in his own right."

Have fun in South Bend, Ishaq. We'll take the MVP of the game you were supposed to star in.

Link of Wonder: Watch this interview by CNY Central in which Reddy, playing in the Upstate/Downstate game, comments on how it felt to play on his future home turf. Spoiler alert: it felt awesome.

Lettuce Getta Good Look Atchya: If you've seen this a thousand times, make it a thousand and one.

Brandon Reddish #4 WR (via FortHamiltonTigers)