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Exclusive: Doug Marrone's Weekly Routine & Menu

Doug Marrone is a man with a plan. He was literally a man with a plan before he became the head football coach at Syracuse University. And he's the man with a plan every, single day he wakes up.

Marrone is a master planner. For instance, he had every preseason practice choreographed long before camp opened. And his attention to detail goes far beyond practice. A typical day for the Orange this week began at 7:30 a.m. when the training room opened and ended with lights out at 11 p.m. Meetings, walk-throughs, lifting, treatment, rest breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack were sandwiched around the actual two-hour practice.

Rahme explores the planning that goes into being Doug Marrone, which stems from his time in the NFL when an unregimented life nearly burned him out. Now, Marrone knows exactly what's going to happen every moment of every day before it happens. He's like Patricia Arquette on Medium, except with better hair.

"I wake up the same time every day," Marrone said. "Monday’s menu is the same every week, Tuesday’s menu is the same . . . everything is the same. I get into a routine. And once that routine starts I never break it. If you get into a routine you can sustain your performance at a high level."

I've been able to procure Marrone's daily menu and it is, as he said, as regimented and routine.


Breakfast: A dozen egg omelette with bologna bits and American cheese. Salad bowl of hash browns. Four  Gatorades.

Lunch: Bologna and cheese wrapped in bologna and cheese wrapped in a wrap. Four Gatorades.

Dinner: Spaghetti bolognese with bologna meat balls. Four Gatorades.

Dessert: Dove Bar


Breakfast: Bologna and cheese frittata with a basket of Tennessee bacon bombs (family secret). Four Gatorades.

Lunch: A giant block of Boar's Head ham. Four Gatorades.

Dinner: An elk. Skinned and dressed. Organs served on the side. Four Gatorades.

Dessert: Dove Bar


Breakfast: Dozen banana crumb muffins with bologna baked into the center. Four Gatorades.

Lunch: Bologna pizza with extra bologna. Four Gatorades.

Dinner: A nice Cobb salad. Four Gatorades.

Dessert: Dove Bar


Breakfast: Stack of Gatorade-infused pancakes. Four Gatorades.

Lunch: Gatorade and carrot soup. Four Gatorades.

Dinner: Gatorade-drizzled paella. Four Gatorades.

Dessert: Dove Bar


Breakfast: Mama Marrone's Famous Zucchini & Bologna Bread. Four Gatorades.

Lunch: Papa Marrone's Famous Bologna Sandwich (quadruple-decker). Four Gatorades.

Dinner: Grandmama Marrone's Famous Bologna-Wrapped Eggplant Parmesan. Four Gatorades.

Dessert: Dove Bar