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Syracuse Daily Links - So Much Orange Football Goodness

"And another thing, Doug. Grey and grey is awful for my figure..." via <a href=""></a>
"And another thing, Doug. Grey and grey is awful for my figure..." via

Our predictions for the 2011 Syracuse University football season |
Nolan and Bud say Syracuse goes 8-4 while Rahme goes 7-5.

A look at Syracuse University's 2011 opponents |
While Wake is not expected to bounce back significantly this season – its schedule features nine teams that went to bowls last season – it possesses a few attributes that could give Syracuse serious trouble. It returns a massive, veteran offensive line and a superb runner in Harris, a sprinter on the track team. That combination will be a mighty challenge for SU’s undersized front seven. Overall, though, it shapes up to be another long season for Wake, although with all the experience now back it should be more competitive.

Syracuse University's offense must pull its weight this season |
"I’m taking what the defense gives me," Nassib said. "Sometimes I get a little too eager, a little too greedy and try to take those big shots and try to squeeze them in there. Knowing the way our system is and our offense is, we need completions, and most of the time I’m better off just checking it down or hitting the second or third read instead of forcing balls."

Fresh faces on Syracuse University defense have standard to maintain |
"This whole defense is a 4-3 defense that recruits athletes," linebackers coach Dan Conley said about the size-versus-speed issue. "This defense is built to go out and recruit kids that can run, that can transition, change direction, and can hit. Our kids have to be passionate about running to the football."

Replacing star punter Rob Long is a complicated priority |
"You lose a kid like Rob ... he’s a special kid, besides just being a punter," said assistant head coach John Anselmo, who oversees special teams. "I can guarantee you one thing. They’ll be somebody on that field against Wake Forest ... there’s going to be a new snapper and a new punter."

Reasons to watch for every Syracuse University football game in 2011 |
It’s time for another Syracuse University football season and you, the fan, are asking yourself, ‘So, why should I care about this Orange schedule?’

Fifteen years later, the Carrier Dome menu is just about the same |
Something called nachos was just $2.75 in 1996. Now, nacho grande is $5.50. Having seen those heaping trays of salsa, cheese, chips and jalapenos, we’ll wager that the present-day item is substantially larger than its predecessor.

Syracuse University free safety Phillip Thomas says he's pain-free in practice |
"I’m Plan A," Thomas said. "Plan B is to teach the young guys. Coach Shafer just wanted me to be in all of the meetings. Right now, I’m back in a helmet, and I’m doing pretty good. I’m about 95 percent."

Syracuse University players ready to face 'hungry' Wake Forest team on Thursday |
"This is probably the biggest O-line we’re going to face all year," said junior nose tackle Deon Goggins, who has earned the starting job at his position. "They’re big guys. We’re going to have to get after them."

Syracuse University football team will get solid contribution from walk-ons this season |
"A guy like Adam Harris walks on and becomes a scholarship player," he said. "I think there are guys on board now who have that potential. (Defensive back) Joe Nassib. We got short a corner in the spring game and Joe Nassib went both ways and busted his butt. I appreciate what they do probably more than the scholarship athlete."

Doug Marrone talks about SU's season opener against Wake Forest.