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Syracuse Football: The Rise Of Ryan Nassib

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"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Ryan Nassib, and Hell followed with him."

-Csonka 4.4

The Man in Black. The Dark Knight. Darkman. 

Ryan Nassib has many names. However, as you can plainly see from this photo in the 2011 Post-Standard Syracuse Football Season Preview, he has emerged from the blackness and will lead his army of Orange warriors into battle victoriously in 2011.

Dave Rahme profiles the quiet leader of the Syracuse offense (and team?), noting that the unheralded kid from Pennsylvania is on pace to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in Syracuse history, statistically-speaking.

When asked to compare Nassib to a Syracuse quarterback that came before him, Doug Marrone thinks not of Donovan McNabb. Nor Don McPherson. Not even Marvin Graves.  Well...who's left?

"The guy who always comes to mind for me honestly is Todd Philcox," Marrone said, referring to a player who succeeded McPherson in 1988 as a senior and parlayed a one-year performance into a long career as an NFL backup. "He just went about his business and competed and worked hard. If you think about the string of quarterbacks (here), not many people mention him, you know? It’s kind of like Ryan a little bit. He’s going to be productive for us."

Nassib says he's not a "not a goofy guy by trade." It's true. He's a financial guru by trade. That's what he does during the day.

At night? Ryan Nassib descends to his Cave of Justice deep below the Carrier Dome where he dons his all-black disguise and emerges as our hero, our savior...our dark knight.