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Stay Safe During Hurricane Irene, Syracuse Fans

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As I write this it's an absolutely gorgeous 78 degree day in Seattle. Meanwhile you Northeasterners just went through an earthquake and now have a hurricane to deal with. Clearly, I won.

But for those of you in Irene's path, take care of yourselves. I hope you've stocked up on your bologna, Gatorade, Dove Bars and assorted Syracuse-theme emergency items, prepped your Syracuse-themed underground shelter and made sure the cable and internet connections will hold up down there in case you have to watch Syracuse vs. Wake Forest from a bunker 50 feet below the surface.

If things get too crazy, know that there's a place on my couch for you. For $129.99 a night. Just for you.

When the coast clears, check in and let us know you're okay and that the storm completely missed your house and damaged the Georgetown fan's living down the street. Cause, I mean, you know that's coming...

In the meantime, make sure you're up to speed on coaching legend Howard Schnellenberger top 25 hurricane survival tips.