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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Pariah - #5 Marcus Sales

Stop smiling Marcus, your smiles only make this worse! via <a href=""></a>
Stop smiling Marcus, your smiles only make this worse! via

Well this is awkward.  Just a few weeks ago, this profile would've been full of happiness and butterflies and good feelings and stuff.  I would've linked the Pinstripe Bowl highlights, and that grade thingy where I said Marcus Sales was really good at football.  But then some stuff happened.  So yeah, let's do this, I guess.

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Position:  Wide Receiver/Driver/Gin Connoisseur

Year:  Senior

Height:  6'0"

Weight:  183

Hometown:  Syracuse, NY

High School:  Christian Brothers Academy

2010 Stats:  26 Receptions, 414 Yards, 4 TDs

2011 Stats:  One cup of gin, one red light run, no driver's license, $250 cash, 180 Lortab tablets, an assortment of weed and mysterious pills, three digital scales, one brother he should really avoid hanging out with from here on out.

2011 Projections:  If by some divine miracle Sales is allowed to play at all this season, and he's in shape and ready to go, he should have a damn good season.  Here's what I wrote about Marcus after the spring.  It was a happier time...

Marcus Sales: (A-)  It's pretty amazing what one great game can do.  Last spring, Marcus Sales was a virtual non-factor, and that seemed to parlay into his play (or lack thereof) early on.  As Marcus began practicing well, he got onto the field and we all know what happened next.  Sales hasn't let up since his huge Pinstripe Bowl performance, and looked very good all spring.  I expect more of the same from him this season.

Now back in the real world, I have no expectations for Marcus this season.  Unless his brother falls on the sword, and then removes the sword from himself, and then commits seppuku a second time, and Marcus is completely exonerated from any drug-related blame, there is virtually no chance he suits up for us this year.  Even if that is the case, I could see Marrone moving on without him.  He's a good receiver, probably our best receiver when he plays at his full potential, but we have a lot of depth at that position this year and we should be okay without him.

How'd He Get Here?:  Marcus decided to stay with the hometown team, and signed with G-Rob and Syracuse over BC, Louisville, Miami, UNC, Pitt and Virginia.  Chris White was his recruiter.

What'd Scout/Rivals Say?:  Both services gave Marcus four stars.  Scout listed him as the nation's #29 wide receiver recruit.  Rivals listed Sales at #43 among receivers, and #2 in New York that year.

Money Quote:  After the Pinstripe Bowl...

"I stepped up, the whole team stepped up," he said. "We all made plays when it counted. I’ve never experienced anything like this. I mean, Yankee Stadium ... "

Links of Wonder:  Relive the stupidity...

Doug Marrone Thinks:  "Suspended indefinitely"  

Interesting Nugget O'Interest:  The nuggets aren't that interesting, I can get past them.  The "superman, devil and pit bull" pills are definitely more interesting.

Let Us One More Look Atchya Before You Probably Fade into Obscurity Forever Because of One Really Stupid Joy Ride a Week Before Summer Football Camp Oh Jesus Why Are You So God Damn Stupid Marcus Why?:  Shine on, you crazy diamond

Pinstripe Bowl Syracuse Flea Flicker Touchdown (via OrangePlatypus23)

Pinstripe Bowl Marcus Sales 2nd TD (via OrangePlatypus23)

Pinstripe Bowl Marcus Sales 3rd TD Puts Syracuse Up For Good (via OrangePlatypus23)