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Syracuse Football: Who Wants To Get Redshirted?

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No one, probably. But it's fact of college football life that some freshman on the Syracuse Orange football team are going to spend their first season wearing a redshirt. For any that end up in that position, it's almost always a good thing long-term. It means one more year to prove what you can do down the road. So as long as they're patient, why not take advantage of it?

Dave Rahme breaks down the roster and, based on his observations, provides his choices for redshirting in 2011.

At QB, he sees Terrel Hunt taking a redshirt, which makes too much sense not to happen. He's 4th on the depth chart and, barring catastrophe, has 0% chance of playing.

He doesn't expect any RBs to be redshirted as Adonis Ameen-Moore is expected to see the field in some form.

Rahme thinks WR Keenan Hale will get a redshirt, however don't be surprised if Jeremiah Kobena or Kyle Foster also end up on the list given the depth at the position.

Given the injuries, it's highly-unlikely any offensive lineman redshirt. Meanwhile, Rahme thinks Ryan Sloan and Donnie Simmons could spend the season in red.

Despite showing some promise, it might make sense to redshirt Oliver Vigille. I could see the Orange going either way on this one.

Again, given the injuries, it's hard to say exactly who will be redshirted in the defensive secondary. The only sure thing seems to be Shu Mungwa, who has played through an injury all camp.

As for the kickers, it's likely no one redshirts given the close race at punter.

Thoughts? Anyone missed? Anyone on that list you'd hate to see redshirt?