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Syracuse Football: Get to Know Your Orange Man -- #7 Jonny Miller

BREAKING: Syracuse quarterback Jonny Miller drinks his football through an invisible straw while fist pumping.  More as this develops.  via <a href=""></a>
BREAKING: Syracuse quarterback Jonny Miller drinks his football through an invisible straw while fist pumping. More as this develops. via

Seven days until #BeatWake.  These are the good times, people.

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PLAYER: Jonny Miller


POSITION: Quarterback // Defendant

YEAR: Redshirt Freshman

HEIGHT: 6'1"


HOMETOWN: Castle Rock, CO


2010 STATS: Dumbass didn't play last year and it isn't all that surprising: First, Ryan Nassib had the quarterback position on lock in 2010; second, Miller had a cockamamie throwing motion that needed fixin'

Another freshman in 2010, Jonny Miller came in as a touted passer from Mullen High School in Denver, Colo. Miller was limited in practice for much of the season after coaches noticed a glitch in his throwing motion that was a result of surgery he had in high school.

"Jonny Miller we’re not sure about yet," Hackett said. "We have to see what he has to offer."

So, some basic rules of thumb for determining whether Nathaniel Hackett will play you:

2011 PROJECTIONS:  Well, this is what I'm 100% certain about: Miller may or may not be on the Syracuse football team six months for now. 

The preseason depth chart shows Miller as Marrone's fourth quarterback choice behind Nassib, Kinder, and Loeb (at this point, probably in that order).  That doesn't seem ridiculous given Lyons' post-spring quarterback report card:

Jonny Miller: (D) - This grade is not all Jonny's fault, and I highly encourage him to retake the course.  To be frank, Miller's throwing motion needs a ton of work.  He was a star in high school back in Denver, and was one of the players in his class that I was most excited for.  However, it does not appear that his arm has ever full recovered from the surgery he had, and as a result, his throwing motion has a really elaborate hitch.  I hope that Jonny keeps on working and gets that arm back to 100%, because he proved in high school that he is immensely talented when healthy.  He is also, by all accounts, a great kid, and an easy one to root for.

About that last part: Yeah, not so much.  I'm pretty sure Miller's assault charges are going to keep his 2011 (and beyond) projections somewhat murky.

WHAT DID SCOUT/RIVALS SAY?: Rivals gave Miller two stars (duh), but I'm pretty sure Scout was drunk when they evaluated Miller:

  • First, the service gave Miller three (3) stars.  That sounds like a typo.
  • Second, the service highlighted "decision-making" as a strength for Miller.  If we're living in A Clockwork Orange society, sure, Miller is a goddamn pragmatist.
  • Quote: "Has the arm strength to make all of the throws, has solid footwork and mechanics." Professional football people named Doug Marrone and Nathaniel Hackett would like to have a word with you, Mr. Quack Talent Evaluator. 

HOW'D HE GET HERE?: The foundation for his decision to attend Syracuse was built on the same foundation as Soylent Green -- people:

"(SU assistant) Coach (Bob) Casullo had been recruiting me," Miller said. "Me and my dad basically went out there, saw everything and everything was better than anything I could have expected. The coaches were great. The athletic director was great. Everything about it ... the players ... I met Greg Paulus and got to watch a little film with him. Everything I did was incredible. I felt it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up on. I'm very excited about my commitment. I can't wait to get there. I know this program is headed in the right direction."

Miller also had offers from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, San Diego State, and New Mexico State.  Interestingly, all those schools are state schools, which means that had Miller attended any of them, in five years he'd likely be driving his Vespa to his job as a placeholder in the unemployment line.

MONEY QUOTE: Jonny was just a tad bit excited to wear orange

I am very excited about Syracuse. I loved the coaches, the facilities are great and the academics surpassed my expectations! The people I met were the most welcoming and supportive fans I have seen. Everybody is on the same page to get Syracuse back where they belong and I can't wait to start recruiting other players and make that happen. My grandma, uncles, aunts, and new nephew came down for my visit from Plattsburg NY and it was a really special time for me as I got to know the Syracuse coaches better. I think the new staff is the best bunch of guys I have ever met. The players I met were top notch people and athletes. We are going to bring Syracuse back to prominence in a hurry!

WHAT DOES DOUG MARRONE THINK?: He thinks that Miller is suspended indefinitely:

"Marcus Sales and Jonny Miller are, at this point, suspended from the football program," Marrone told the assembled media. "I really can’t speak about it. We have legal process everything has to go through, and we have a judicial process everything has to go through."

On the plus side, Marrone has not yet suspended Miller's living privileges, which is nice.

INTERESTING NUGGET OF INTEREST: There's a fantasy criminal league and Miller apparently earned points or something or other for it.

JOHNNY ON JONNY: Too easy, drill sergeant